7 Things Your Period Blood Color Reveals About Your Health

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Periods and how they go are a couple of the most important hints of what’s going on inside a woman’s body. Noticing the color of your period blood can save you from some very dangerous conditions! So is your health perfectly normal? Or is there something alarming going on? Let’s find out!

Pinkish color 0:43
Watery 1:38
Dark brown 2:28
Thick, looks like jam with clots 3:18
Gray-reddish mix 4:12
Cranberry red color 5:09
Orange 5:46

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– If you notice that your period blood is often pinkish, this may signify low estrogen levels. There’s one important thing to mention here, though. According to a study conducted by National Analysts Worldwide in Philadelphia, this is very common among avid runners!
– If your period blood is a really light pink color or has almost no color, that’s a bad sign. This blood color can signal that you’re either nutrient-deficient or that you are at risk of ovarian cancer.
– Dark brown is a color that can raise some concerns in your mind, but, in fact, it’s completely normal! Karen Carcamo, MD, MPH, an OB-GYN at the Institute for Women’s Health in San Antonio, confirms that it’s just some of the old blood that has been “sitting” inside your uterus for too long and, as a result, turned brown.
– If you often see jam-like blood with dark red clots, it’s generally a sign that you might have low progesterone and high estrogen levels.
– Gray period blood or a mix of gray and red has a variety of meanings. Unfortunately, none of them are what you want to hear! Usually, it’s a red flag for an STD or STI infection.
– A bright cranberry blood color alarms a lot of women, but, in reality, it’s exactly what your natural and healthy period blood color should be!
– Orange is a pretty color — but not when it comes to your period blood. As a matter of fact, orange blood has pretty much the same meaning as gray-reddish blood: infection alert!

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