Attempting Leg Day + Eating For Health | ADIDAS GIVEAWAY

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Full workout written below…
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Full Hamstring/Glute Workout:
Seated Leg Curl: 2 warm up sets, 2 sets 12-15, increase weight 2 sets 8-10
Straight Leg Deads: 2 warm up sets, 3 sets 11-12
Really High and Wide Stance Leg Press: 2 warm up sets, 3 sets 8-10, drop weight 2 sets 12-15
Walking Lunges With Dumbbells: 3 sets to failure (aim for about 20 reps take long strides and squeeze glutes)
Lying Ham Curl: 2 sets high volume 15-20 reps
Calf Raises: Pick a moderately heavy weight complete 120 reps in as little sets as possible.