Blackpool beach donkeys abused in sickening footage – with one receiving 'flying kung-fu kick' to stomach

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Blackpool beach donkeys abused in sickening footage – with one receiving ‘flying kung-fu kick’ to stomach

This sickening footage shows Blackpool beach donkeys being abused – with one receiving a ‘flying’ kung-fu-style kick to the stomach. The world-famous donkeys would spend their days delighting children with traditional beach treks at the Lancashire seaside resort.
But while they appeared to be being well looked after, they were actually receiving shocking abuse “behind the scenes”, the RSPCA says.
They would suffer violent blows and whipping in their stables at night.
The poor animals were also living in filthy conditions – with two of them later having to be put down on a vet’s advice due to “ongoing health issues”.
One of the donkeys was filmed receiving a ‘flying’ kung-fu-style kick to the stomach (Image: Read More Circus tiger collapses in circus ring and is dragged away by TAIL – then revived with buckets of water Neighbours of the £450,000 Fir Trees Farm, near Preston, are said to have been appalled by the treatment their security cameras picked up.
They vowed to reveal the evidence once they moved home.
The horrific video footage shows the donkeys being subjected to a disgusting regime of heavy-handed manhandling and abuse by the farm’s owners.
In one scene, a donkey called Bruce is struck in the stomach with a ‘flying’ kick.
The property was raided by police, RSPCA inspectors, vets and council enforcement officers last September, with 29 donkeys recovered.
And this week, owners Suzzana Taylor, 48, her daughter Grace, 18, and Taylor’s ex-boyfriend Andrew Lomas, 43, all appeared at court.
They were banned from keeping animals for three years during their appearance at Blackpool Magistrates’ Court on Monday.
Neighbours were appalled by the treatment their security cameras picked up (Image: Read More Horse stabbed with electric fence by cruel thieves who broke into disabled riding school dies Taylor admitted seven offences of inflicting blunt force trauma and physical violence to donkeys.
She was found guilty of 11 further offences of failing to provide a proper environment for her donkeys, and failing to provide them with proper welfare by caring for their feet, teeth, skin and other equine illnesses, causing the donkeys pain and suffering.
She was also found guilty of three offences of causing unnecessary suffering to Pomeranian dogs which she bred on the farm.
She was given a 14-week jail term, suspended for a year.
She must pay £500 costs.
Her daughter was found guilty of 13 charges of cruelty to the donkeys and dogs.
The donkeys were receiving shocking abuse “behind the scenes”, the RSPCA says (Image: Read More Laughing thug who deliberately mowed down emus in his truck at 75mph is unmasked She was given a community order with 30 days’ rehabilitation and must do 150 hours of unpaid work and pay £500 costs.
Lomas admitted inflicting blunt force trauma and physical violence to donkeys and was found guilty of 10 other cruelty charges.
The defendant, who has previous convictions for violence, was given a 14-weeks jail term, suspended for a year.
He must do 150 hours of unpaid work and pay £500 costs.
RSPCA inspector Amy McIntosh, who led the investigation, said two of the 29 donkeys recovered from the farm had to be put to sleep.
The others, however, are now “enjoying great lives”.
She said: “The footage of the donkeys being assaulted is shocking and appalling particularly the flying kick on the donkey Bruce.
A file picture of some donkeys on the beach near Blackpool’s Central Pier (Image: Getty Images) Kitten left to die after cruel thugs cut off his testicles with scissors in sickening abuse
“Their terrible treatment is compounded by the fact that the people inflicting it were making money from them.
“These donkeys are such lovely, docile and friendly animals whose wonderful nature was evident in the fact that they were being worked with children on the beach every day.
“They were being presented to the public as being well looked after but behind the scenes were being cruelly treated and abused and the conditions they were living in were filthy.”
She added: “Sadly, two of the donkeys had to be put to sleep on the advice on a specialist equine veterinary surgeon, but all of the remaining animals are now enjoying great lives, and those not previously signed over will now be able to be permanently adopted.”
Amy praised the people who shot the footage as “fantastic”.
Read More Top Stories from Mirror Online Met Office’s verdict on snow prediction Inside Harry and Meghan’s secret weekend Monkeypox victim blames NHS gloves Moonpig tries to stop users genital pics She said they were “so brave to come forward” given the potential “repercussions to them personally of doing so”.
“They have changed these animals’ lives,” she said.
Hannah Bryer, head of welfare at The Donkey Sanctuary, said: “Cases like these are extremely distressing and highlight the terrible abuse some donkeys continue to face in Great Britain today.
“There is simply no excuse for any animal to be subjected to physical abuse.
“Owning donkeys is a hugely rewarding experience and a wonderful privilege, however, they require caring and compassionate management to ensure they lead healthy and enriched lives.
“The footage, in this case, shows a series of brutal and needless attacks on the donkeys.
“This cruel and callous behaviour is unacceptable in any arena but is made worse by the fact that the perpetrators were the very humans who should have been safeguarding their welfare during their working life.
An RSPCA inspector said the footage of the assaults is “shocking and appalling” (Image: Read More Pet owner ‘buried dog alive’ because it ‘didn’t get on with new kitten’ – before horrified girlfriend found body “Donkeys are incredibly stoic animals so by their nature, they often hide the true extent of their suffering, however, there can be no doubt that the violence inflicted on these donkeys caused them fear and distress.
“While The Donkey Sanctuary does not endorse or encourage the use of donkeys in any form of entertainment we do recognise that they are used for a variety of commercial activities, such as beach rides.
“Wherever donkeys are used in these activities, it is vital that their welfare remains protected at all times.
“Happily with the support of vets, farriers and grooms, the condition of these donkeys has improved, but they will need ongoing care and treatment.”
She added: “Two of the 29 donkeys were put to sleep on the advice of a specialist equine veterinary surgeon due to ongoing health issues.
“We are grateful to the combined efforts of the RSPCA, Blackpool Council, Lancashire Constabulary and all involved in investigating this case.
“The sentences and disqualification orders imposed by the court serves to protect the welfare of donkeys in the future.”

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