Child’s Bike Trailer – Health, Wealth and Freedom?

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With rising motoring costs and fuel prices, more and more people have been looking for ways to keep their expenses down while keeping their independence and freedom to go about their daily lives.

Families once able to easily afford a second car for mum to ferry the kids around are finding that the gap between the money coming in and the expenses of running a car such as tax, MOT, insurance and fuel costs is shrinking rapidly.

So is it possible to live without that second car which leaves you bank account dry without just sitting in all day because you can’t take the kids out?

We cycling enthusiasts think that in many cases the answer is yes, cheaply and easily using a child’s bike trailer.

Trailer bikes start from about £60 and the only fuel needed is pedal power. There is no tax or insurance needed either and the maintenance cost is minimal.

A child’s bike trailer can make transporting one or more children across town a snap, sometimes (believe it or not) quicker than you could by car, With some cycle trailers accommodating up to 3 (yes three!) children at once!

And with a bike you can go where cars cannot, meaning you could quite often use smaller lanes and short cuts to get to your destination, seeing more pleasant surroundings and avoiding traffic at the same time.

What a Child’s bike trailer can also do that is as important as freedom and saving money is get you some exercise. Its a known fact that moderate exercise and fresh air each week increase vitality, fitness, and general well-being, and cycling the kids around with you is a very enjoyable way to do this.

So think about getting a child’s cycle trailer. It could be just what you need. Once you get going you’ll feel healthier, wealthier and free!