Here’s what’s really going on in your brain when you experience ‘FOMO’ — the fear of missing out

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FOMO is the( sometimes all-consuming) appearing you’re missing out on something. It can be continued by looking at other people’s social media affixes. But according to some study, you may be more susceptible to FOMO if you are insecure. Instead, you should focus less on possible losses of missing out and more on the gains of what you’re actually doing.

Nobody can accompany everything. Still, sometimes there’s an happen “youve been” wanted to go to, but responsibilities got in the way. Perhaps you had to work late, or you promised you’d go to your huge aunt’s 90 th the same day your friend decided to jettison the house party of the year.

Either way, fear of missing out — known as “FOMO” — concerns us all sometimes. It’s characterised as sorrow watchful that something evoking or interesting is happening abroad. Social media can often perpetuate this anxiety, when you discover posts and illustrates about the incredible season your friends are having without you, and the ego can be all-consuming.See the remainder of the narration at Business Insider

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