Is Your Child Vaccine Injured?

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Vaccine injuries happen all the time and some of the more common ones are seizures, asthma, brain swelling, eczema, loss of motor skills, loss of eye contact, loss of speech, head banging, allergies, fainting spells, ear infections, uncontrollable crying, high pitched screaming, won’t wake up, won’t nurse, rashes, and of course, death. Pediatricians and other doctors often brush these off as “normal, “coincidence,” and “SIDS” or “unexplained death.” That’s how the medical mafia covers up the massive vaccination harm they do to our children every day. If you suspect vaccine injury, here are some resources for you:

1) Find a vaccine free doctor:
2) Work with a MAPS doctor to repair the vaccine injury:
3) Review the medical and diet sections of
4) Look into
5) Look into
6) Look into mild hyperbaric oxygen treatment
7) Go 100% dairy and gluten free – they cause brain swelling

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