Jane Fonda’s Workout Book

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Jane Fonda’s Workout Book, written by actress Jane Fonda, was published in 1981 and resulted in a workout video being made from it.[1] It was also adapted into an album.


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About the book[edit]

This book is a presentation of an exercise program for women, but within a new approach (for the 1980s) to health and beauty. She incorporates her physical wellness philosophy into the book — the same one that she uses for herself. The program in the book sets about making the reader look and feel amazing, while imbuing them with energy and endurance. In addition, it has a mental slant — helping the readers deal easily with stress. The workout regime in the book takes a special approach to dealing with the female body, from a holistic perspective.


  • This book was later made into the exercise video Jane Fonda’s Workout, with a 30-minute Beginners’ class and a 60-minute Advanced session.[2]
  • An album Jane Fonda’s Workout Record was issued in 1983 (cassette copies were billed as Jane Fonda’s Workout Tape), it reached the top 40 in both the UK & US, peaking at #7 [1] and # 15 respectively. [2]
  • The book was on the No. 1 bestseller list for over 6 months and over 16 months in the top five in 1983.[3]

Other books by this author[4][edit]

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