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Friends, Pigeon Master with another new video.In this video i am describing the method of Vaccination for pigeons For vaccine you can use Gallimune and Lasota vaccine. Gallimune is a Killed vaccine,
Use Gallimune for the prevention of the Newcastle disease in pigeons.
Only vaccinate healthy Pigeons. The dose for one pigeon is 0.1ml.
Administer one complete dose per Pigeon.Avoid stressful conditions during and after the vaccination.
The vaccine should reach room temperature before being used.
Shake the product for at least 30 seconds before application.
One time use only, dispose of the remaining product. All instruments used in application should be sterilized.
Mostly the pigeon fancier in Pakistan use lasota vaccine for Newcastle Disease. Lasota Vaccines are recommended for the vaccination of healthy pigeons 2 weeks of age or older. The lasota vaccine you should bring from bird medicine shop is for 1000 pigeons. Adjust the quantity of vaccine according to your pigeons.administration of a live virus vaccine must be non-chlorinated.
Provide enough waterers so two-thirds of the birds may drink at one time. Scrub waterers, with fresh, clean, non-chlorinated water, and use no disinfectant. Let the waterers drain dry. Turn off automatic waterers, so the only available water is the vaccine water. Do not give vaccine water through medication tanks. Do not deprive the birds of water if the temperature is extremely high.
Remove seal from vaccine vial.
Remove stopper and half-fill with clean, cool, non-chlorinated water.
Replace stopper and shake until dissolved.
Use a clean container two-thirds filled with cool, clean, non-chlorinated water.
Hope friends after watching this video you get knowledge how to vaccinate your pigeons and prevent them from disease. You can use lasota vaccine after every three months.
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