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Conversation Lesson Plans for English Learners at All Levels Free English conversation lesson plans for beginning, intermediate and advanced level of English learning in ESL EFL classes as well as business English classes. Each lesson provides an introduction, step by step teaching guidelines and printable student worksheets. Popular Culture Lessons (9) Friends and Family (12) Important Issues (13) Technology (5) Travel and Going Out (4) Talking about Then and Now – Focus on Differences between Past and Present

ESL EFL TEFL TESOL Conversation Lesson plan using diagrams to get students talking about the differences between then and now using past simple, present perfect, present perfect continuous and present simple tenses. Comprehension Dialogues – Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

ESL Reading Comprehension Dialogues for Speaking and Reading Comprehension Practice – Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced level quizzes with target structures and language functions for speaking practice as well as follow-up comprehension quizzes. The Necessity of Grammar

Advanced level lesson plan for classroom debate including cue cards Asking Questions

Lower-intermediate lesson aimed at improving students question asking ability in a variety of basic tenses. Conversation Lesson: Multinationals – Help or Hindrance?

A great conversation lesson that has a lot of success around the world. Students need to discuss whether multinationals are a bane or a boon to local cultures. ESL Tic-Tac-Toe

Tic-Tac-Toe games are a fun way for students to practise their English while enjoying some competition and reviewing. Three versions are included: Conditional Forms, Question Forms, Time Expressions. Interpreting Statistics – Advanced Level Lesson Plan

This upper level conversation lesson uses statistics as a starting point for students to interpret information and draw their own conclusions. This lesson is especially useful to encourage students to not only repeat information they read, but develop their own opinions. Lesson Plan: Which School Should We Choose?

Fun conversation lesson focusing on expressing opinions and preferences, disagreeing and negotiation skills. Some of your students’ answers may surprise you! Lesson: Guilty!

“Guilty” is a fun classroom game which encourages students to communicate using past tenses. The game can be played by all levels and can be monitored for varying degrees of accuracy. Lesson: Lego Blocks

Groups decide upon a design, give it a description (a name), and then write down step-by-step instructions for how another group could construct the same design from the six pieces. This activity promotes an enormous amount of discussion within the groups during the instruction-writing phase. {youtube|100|campaign}