Lightyear Alliance – Is Lightyear Alliance a Viable Opportunity?

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Lightyear Alliance, at first glance appears to be a no brainer because of their products. They are major VOIP retailers in addition to cell phones and video phones. For those of your who aren’t familiar with VOIP, it is basically the technical term for digital phone service like Comcast and Vonage are pushing.

Lightyear Alliance claims that VOIP will be the biggest technology shift since the invention of the telephone or the computer. This couldn’t be more true. VOIP will soon dominate every single home in the US & Canada and shortly after that will be adopted by the rest of the world effectively cutting out typical phone service. Lightyear Alliance has a goal to be the number one VOIP provider around the world.

However, even though Lightyear Alliance is a great business opportunity you will always be facing a few major problems just like you would in any other network marketing company. And that is your marketing.

Have you thought about how you are going to generate more leads and more reps for your Lightyear Alliance business? If you haven’t yet you should know that leads are seriously the life blood of any network marketing business. Without them, you will have no new people to talk to and effectively run out of money to continue building your Lightyear Alliance business very quickly.

Most people would simply go out and start talking to as many people as possible, telling them all the wonderful things they just learned about in the new business they just started.

What’s wrong with this scenario?

The first mistake that was made was talking to a massive amount of unqualified people. That is a HUGE mistake. Think about it for a second. If you are building a multi-million dollar Lightyear Alliance business wouldn’t you want to go after the most driven and enthusiastic people first? The movers and shakers? This way you will build a solid foundation for your Lightyear Alliance business to rest upon, that it will never implode from within like so many other network marketing businesses do.

The solution is to simply leverage your efforts. And leverage them using a genius technology called the Internet. You see the internet is what will honestly take your business to new heights among the rest. It gives you the ability to put your Lightyear Alliance business opportunity in front of millions of new people every single day. And the ones who are the most interested will simply request more information. The only trick is you have to know how to put it in front of them.

The next step is to success in Lightyear Alliance is to further you education in the marketing department because obviously that is why so many people before you have not had success. The network marketing industry is a sneaky one, it’s pretty much compiled of a bunch of entrepreneurs who have a big dream but usually lack the knowledge of how to market, how to sell, and how to seriously make some money. It’s like the blind leading the blind down a treacherous mountain pass.