Madison: Before & After Vaccine Induced Autism

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Our Journey of Autism through our daughter’s eyes!

I will always welcome others whom have witnessed the same experience with their children. Strength is in numbers, Please feel free to share your story!!

But in case you haven’t noticed, this is not up for debate. If you have legit questions, they will be answered in a respectful manner. If you are here solely to disrupt the integrity of this video, or use hateful words of any kind you will be banned and all your posts will be deleted. I will not allow anyone to come on here and tell me that my daughter was BORN with autism, shes wasn’t! I will not allow any comments that say vaccines don’t cause autism like symptoms, they DO! I will not allow anyone to try and tell me that vaccines are for the greater good, and that I have to sacrifice any of my children to save yours, I have already with one, so I WON’T with any other! Simple, this is our experience with vaccines and I have a right to share it with the world. If you don`t agree, go elsewhere to spew your uneducated sheep speech because it won`t be tolerated here!