Mental health

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UN warning about mental health, Sorry, technical problem at the end of this video, part 2 to follow.

Public Health Questionnaire 9

Patient information

Generalised Anxiety Disorder

COVID – 19, Sunday 17th May

COVID-19 virus is not only attacking physical health

Psychological suffering.

Grief at the loss of loved ones…

Shock at the loss of jobs…

Isolation and restrictions on movement…

Difficult family dynamics, domestic violence is rising

Uncertainty and fear for the future…

Domestic violence is rising, and health workers are reporting an increased
need for psychological support.

Panic, anxiety, grief, numbness, irritability, insomnia and nightmares.

My spirit is broken,
my days are cut short,
the grave awaits me.

The human spirit can endure in sickness,
but a crushed spirit who can bear?

A mental illness crisis is looming as millions of people worldwide are surrounded by death and disease and forced into isolation, poverty and anxiety by the pandemic

Mental health problems, including depression and anxiety, are some of the greatest causes of misery in our world.

Even when the pandemic is brought under control, grief, anxiety and depression will continue to affect people and communities.

“The mental health and wellbeing of whole societies have been severely impacted by this crisis and are a priority to be addressed urgently,”

The United Nations is strongly committed to creating a world in which everyone, everywhere, has someone to turn to for psychological support.

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