Pam’s Wellness Journey: Part 1

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Follow Pam’s journey to wellness with Dartmouth-Hitchcock’s Weight & Wellness Center. In this video, Pam describes her challenges with her weight and her commitment to getting healthier. Follow Pam’s journey on D-H social media and in the monthly Imagine Better e-newsletter –

The Dartmouth-Hitchcock Weight & Wellness Center is committed to providing coordinated healthcare for patients with obesity, education and outreach to our communities and robust clinical research in the field of obesity. The Weight & Wellness Center’s Healthy Living Clinic is a comprehensive, evidence-based program that promotes healthy weights, healthy lifestyles and a reduction of weight-related medical conditions for patients of all ages. The center offers innovative medical, surgical and endoscopic treatments to help patients execute a personalized plan to achieve their health and wellness goals. More info at: or call (603) 653-2226.