Patriot Group Travel Medical Insurance

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Whether your Group traveling on a trade mission, as a business team, a missionary group or even a large family group you should consider Patriot Group Travel Medical Insurance. You would be hard-pressed to find a better international group insurance plan. If a member of your group is insured or becomes ill overseas and you don’t have a good group travel medical insurance plan who are you going to call for help? With the Patriot Group plan you can contact IMG’s international, multilingual customer service centers 24 hours a day. IMG has claims administrators who have experience processing claims from all over the world and can handle virtual every language and currency. You will also have 24 hour access to highly qualified coordinators of emergency medical services and international treatment. You can’t go wrong when you have a Patriot Group Travel Medical Insurance plan, you have Coverage without Boundaries®.

There are 2 Patriot Group Travel Medical Insurance plans one is for U.S. Citizens traveling overseas, Patriot International Group plan, and the other is for non-U.S. Citizens traveling outside their home country, the Patriot America Group plan. Both of the Patriot Group plans offer a complete package of international benefits available 24 hours a day. The Patriot Group International Travel Medical Insurance plan provides coverage for groups of 5 or more U.S. Citizens traveling overseas for a minimum of 10 days up to a maximum of 2 years with coverage for brief returns to the U.S. Patriot Group America for groups of 5 or more also when traveling outside their home country.

Both the Patriot International Group plan and the Patriot America Group plan have Maximum limits from $ 50,000 to $ 2,000,000 and Individual Deductibles from $ 0 to $ 2,500. As well as the following: For treatment received outside the U.S. and Canada there is no Coinsurance. For treatment received inside the U.S. and Canada the plans pay 90% of eligible expenses up to $ 5,000 then 100% up to the policy maximum when treatment is provided within the PPO Network and 80% outside the PPO Network. The benefit period is 6 months. You have 24 hour on-line access to MyImg.

Now let get specific about Schedule of Benefits, Additional Benefits, International Emergency Care and Optional Riders. Schedule of Benefits:

All of the following are covered Up to the Maximum Limit: Hospital Room and Board, Intensive Care, Medical Expenses, Local Ambulance, Prescription Drugs, Emergency Room Accident, Dental – Due to Accident.
Emergency Room Illness without In-patient Admission – Up to Maximum Limit with additional $ 250 deductible, Dental – Sudden Pain – up to $ 100, Indemnity (for U.S. Citizens only) – up to $ 100 per night.

Additional Benefits:

Terrorism: up to $ 50,000 lifetime maximum, Sports and Activities Coverage: up to maximum limit for basic sports, Sudden Recurrence of a Pre-existing Condition – Medical (for U.S. Citizens only) – up to $ 15,000 of eligible costs and expenses, Sudden Recurrence of a Pre-existing Condition – Emergency Medical Evacuation (for U.S. Citizens only) – up to $ 25,000 of eligible costs and expenses, Incidental Home Country Coverage – up to cumulative two weeks, End of Trip Home Country Coverage – one month for every 5 months of travel coverage purchased, up to a maximum of two months, Trip Interruption – up to $ 5,000, Common Carrier Accidental Death – $ 50,000 to beneficiary; maximum of $ 250,000 per family, Accidental Death & Dismemberment – $ 25,000 principle sum, Lost Luggage – up to $ 50 per item of personal property; maximum of $ 250 per Period of Coverage.

International Emergency Care:

Emergency Medical Evacuation – up to $ 500,000 lifetime maximum (independent of the Maximum limit), Emergency Reunion – up to $ 50,000, Return of Mortal Remains – up to $ 50,000, Return of Minor Children – $ 50,000, Political Evacuation – up to $ 10,000, Natural Disaster – $ 100 per day for five days, Identify Theft Assistance – up to $ 500 per Period of Coverage.

Optional Riders:

Adventure Sports Rider – (available to insureds up to age 65): 0-49 – Lifetime maximum of $ 50,000, 50-59 – Lifetime maximum of $ 30,000, 60-64 – Lifetime maximum of $ 15,000, Chaperone/Faculty Leader Replacement Rider – up to $ 3,000 for round trip economy airline ticket, Citizenship Return Rider – up to the Maximum Limit.

When you consider the world-class medical benefits giving you coverage for in-patient and out-patient medical expenses and the International Emergency Care you can see that both of the Patriot Group Travel Medical Insurance plans are worth looking at. For more information or to buy on-line visit the links below.

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