“R” Rest – INSPIRED | The 8 Pillars of Health explained by Jon & Ty Bollinger

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Is your body getting enough rest? Take a moment and reflect on the amount of rest that you get… is it enough? Click this link to the INSPIRED website to discover how you can implement the 8 pillars of health in your life today: http://bit.ly/ox-tj-inspired-rest-yt.

Jon and Ty bring you the next chapter in this series of educational health lessons… and it may just redefine how you live.

Listen as our Organixx co-founders discuss why rest is important to keep our bodies operating at 100% and how we can develop good health habits.

Watch the video until the end to find out what common fixture may be disturbing your sleep… and how CBD and medical cannabis may help with rest and health.

Rest is one of our top health pillars and is undeniably something we need the proper amount of in our lives. The INSPIRED series challenges all of us to reconsider our need for enough sleep, and discover the true power of rest.

After this holistic health lesson, follow this link to discover more natural ways to improve your sleep cycle: http://bit.ly/ox-tj-inspired-eo-article-yt.

Tune in tomorrow as we discuss the letter “E” and approach the end of the last few pillars of our INSPIRED series!

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