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Raising Consciousness Part 1 by Paul Quinton #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #Consciousness #Part1

Raising Consciousness Part 1: Expansion

This upcoming year heralds an even greater opportunity to resolve your karmic cycles. If you’ve worked on yourself this past year and made some breakthroughs, then get ready for greater work and business opportunities, not to mention soul mate and twin flame relationships that could develop. Just remember the lessons from all your past experiences. Don’t go into relationships if your karmic wheel isn’t healed, or isn’t about equality. The mind will still have a hold on you unless you have mastered it. It will always try and play out old patterns and behaviours, so it’s crucial to have sovereignty now more than ever.

Look at how the planet is changing energetically and remember we are all organic and part of it (we have forgotten this knowledge).

Our bodies are designed and molded from the earth’s materials, so understanding our planet (Gaia) and her frequency is paramount to success in your own life; this extends out into our solar system as well, as the sun (RA) moves out of this dimension. The atom is spinning faster as we ascend into the 4th dimension, which means if you are stuck in the past holding on to emotional baggage, melancholic, then you will resist energetically at the subcellular level the shift of consciousness which could spiral you into even more confusion.

And let’s face it guys, we are fed up with being fed up and you know in your heart things are changing.

This will be a great year to work on yourself if you haven’t started yet, look at astrology, numerology or whatever interests you. Maybe the old Mayan calendar or get a moon calendar? Look how time isn’t there anymore; three days now is an old week pre-2012. Science is still trying to debunk the quantum field, but for the intellectuals out there start looking into this field so you can establish a more mental perspective on the shift. If you are a ‘Feeling’ being then you can already sense it around you, if not start meditating more.

The key to all this is vibration.

Understanding we are all frequency, even the glass or cup you might be holding while reading this has one. If you could tune into it, you would see it moving. You MUST raise your vibration! Addictions and disease all have frequencies as well, so for example, if you are addicted to sugar, it means your body has adapted to the frequency of sugar and once this occurs it leads to cravings and addiction because you are energetically compatible.

The new medicine coming in is quantum, and healing through frequency, to reprogram the body to bring it back to homeostasis and take out the unwanted info from chemical foods, sugar, nicotine, etc. Stop believing all the crap they keep telling you about health and diets because there is an agenda to those projections. It’s not in your best interest.

Have discernment and ask yourself “does what they are saying feel right?”

If you change how you think about food and un-program those subliminal messages that have been secretly planted in you from a young age, you can start to change your body shape. Shapeshifting is as REAL as your right arm. When you raise your vibration to attune to the truth and delete ‘misinformation’ because it doesn’t resonate, you start taking your sovereignty back including owning your body and emotions, at the moment most people don’t.

There’s going to be a lot of shocking truths coming out in the next few years that are going to make your head spin.

This is mainly due to vibrational rising. Negativity is dense, and as the atom and consciousness rise we become more ethereal and lighter, so it literally can’t exist in the same space. This is why the governments and corporations are being exposed even more now for their corruption and human rights violations. We are at the dawn of a new age, and there is “Nothing to Fear;” if you own your power NO ONE CAN HARM YOU!

It is a truth that has been hidden from you for so long.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of this series next week!

– Paul

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