Secondary Complications of Snoring in Women

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When we talk about snoring, the first thought is that the man snores while the woman is the passive sufferer. But, the recent research brings out a completely new scenario. Yes, it has been studied that there is a higher increase in the ratio of women snoring more than the men. Increasing lifestyle changes have made the men more prone to their partner’s snoring and there have been numerous cases, where women are the ones who keep their partners deprived of a full night’s sleep.

There are many occasions where the men are heavy sleepers and they don’t even care about the wife snoring. The light sleeping men are the ones who suffer more with their wife snoring. This reversal of the roles and extreme fatigue trying to balance family, work and housework takes a toll on the women making them more prone to snoring episodes. The recent research has also come up with the fact that more women are snoring more heavily than before. The sudden increase in women snoring has astounded the medical fraternity also and researchers are looking for innovative non surgical cures to stop snoring.

Snoring has been an issue of serious concern to the people throughout the world. It is usually seen as the after effects of less sleep and more physical exertion. More care must be taken by the women, who are pregnant and snoring as according to the latest Swedish research, women having snoring issues affect the growth of fetus. The fetus is supplied with less oxygen when the mother has irregular breathing.

If this is happening frequently over the nine month pregnancy period, there can be serious implications on the development process of the ‘to be’ born child. Decrease in the cell growth within the brain of the child, inappropriate physical growth and facial formations of the child are some of the implications which the child might face in such cases. High blood pressures, high stress levels and obesity are some of the reasons found for women snoring more than before.

It has also been noticed that women are more prone to eating disorders, binge eating and weight gain during post menopause years. Apart from innumerable diseases that afflict people over the age of 40 years, the study also shows that the problems of obesity, risk of heart diseases and stress are found to be higher in women who snore. Snoring has also been related to over burdened women who try to balance more responsibilities than what they were traditionally assigned with. They are full time mothers, along with the being full time professionals outside. This means they are more exhausted and stressed out resulting in unhealthy food habits, low exercise and obese. This is one of the reasons why women snore more than men.

If you are looking to stop your snoring or your wife’s, it is best to try some tested remedies such as nasal strips, safe nasal and throat anti snoring drops, chin straps, aromatherapy oils. Most of the over the counter stop snoring remedies have a steady following as not every case needs surgery but these are cheap anti snoring remedies that work.