Seduction Community

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Some guys like to be a part of the seduction community.  I’ve listened to some of these guys and found out a few things that you might be interested in.  Almost all of them said bye-bye seduction community


Firstly, most of the guys found it to be more entertainment than anything else.  They didn’t want to develop this as a life style.  They didn’t want to become known as a tacky pick up artist.


Next, I was told the whole seduction community is based on lines and B.S. stories.  Nothing genuine or real.  Most of the guys I listened to said they felt weird.  They were trying out different material for openers that they had copied of a message board.  They knew that they were one stupid slip up away from total rejection.


These guys said bye-bye seduction community when they matured.  They realized that these types of approaches and lines weren’t getting them the type of relationships they really wanted.  Usually they had to get a few drinks down a girl before any of their canned lines and approaches had even a chance to work.  Although this might mean a one night stand, sex with drunks can get old.


They saw others guys who were totally natural getting all the really hot chicks.  Most of these guys were average guys just being themselves.  They had their own stories they told.  They had attitudes that were independent of the women they were hooking up with.


One of the main problems with men that believe they need the seduction community is that they don’t believe in themselves.  They don’t realize that they already have everything they need to attract the kind of the women they want inside of themselves.


Once you realize that you are born with the tools and capabilities to attract women, you get a certain energy about you.  This energy is almost a palpable force to the women around them.   It’s the alpha male scent.  Once you have it, women are hyper-aware of your presence.


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