Strange Blood

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Strange Blood is a 2015 science fiction horror film directed and written by Chad Michael Ward and starring Robert Brettenaugh and Alexandra Bard.[1] It received its world premiere on 30 January 2015 in Turkey and in the United States in April 2015.


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Dr. Henry Moorehouse (Robert Brettenaugh) is obsessively determined to find a universal cure for disease. He plans on doing this with an organism known only as ‘Ella’, a large parasite which he claims can successfully create a vaccine for any virus it’s exposed to. Gemma (Alexandra Bard) is Henry’s assistant, who claims to have personally witnessed him going from being a genius doctor to an insane vampire-like creature after an experiment gone-awry.


  • Robert Brettenaugh as Henry Moorehouse
  • Alexandra Bard as Gemma
  • James Adam Lim as Det. Joseph Song
  • Barbara Breidenbach as Sara
  • Rosie Zwaduk as Waitress
  • Scott Harders as Private Investigator
  • Michelle Gabriela Lamarr as Goth Girl
  • David Horn as Bouncer
  • Thomas O’Halloran as Jacob Moorehouse
  • Anna Harr as Ella Moorehouse
  • Ian Whittaker as Fire Inspector




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