The Herpes Vaccine / Cure That Actually Works (Theravax)

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Theravax is the first vaccine made available by the company Rational Vaccines – a pharmaceutical startup built around what they call consider to be the vaccine which will eradicate the herpes virus.

The company has attracted considerable controversy over the trials, which were conducted on the island of St. Kitts. But one thing is certain: the results were impressive. I spoke to Rob Mancuso, who tells me he suffered from horrible outbreaks for more than 20 years, only to see his symptoms virtually disappear after receiving gate complete cycle of vaccinations.

Peter Thiel, the polarizing billionaire investor who famously invested in Facebook and PayPal, and is an outspoken supporter of President Trump, invested millions in Rational Vaccines. While some outlets are reporting Thiel invested in the trials , CEO Agustin Fernandez tells me that is wholly untrue. The truth, he says, is that Thiel invested only after learning about the potential of the vaccine from the trial’s findings. The trial funding came from Fernandez and his funding efforts – before thief was involved.

Rational Vaccines says they are committed to working with the FDA and to comply with their standards in future trials.

According to the Theravax website:

“Through faithfully re-creating every facet of the HSV life cycle, live HSV vaccines prepare the human immune system to do battle with the natural pathogen. The viability of the approach has been established with the VZV Oka vaccine, a live-attenuated variant of a similar alpha-herpesvirus, which shares 60 genes in common with HSV-1 and HSV-2. The Oka vaccine has profoundly curbed the incidence of chickenpox over the past 20 years. An equivalent outcome may be accomplished with rationally-engineered live HSV vaccines, which retain more than 99% of the antigenic breadth of their naturally occurring HSV counterparts.

“Numerous HSV-2 subunit vaccine candidates have been proposed to slow the spread of HSV-2. The 99% of HSV-2 proteins that are missing from subunit vaccines prevents them from adequately preparing the immune system to fight a formidable adversary. HSV-2 is at least 100 times more complex than any subunit vaccine tested to date. HSV-2 subunit vaccines have been failing to offer any real protection against HSV-2 in clinical trials dating back 30 years.”

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